• 6 Bags Every Woman Should Own

    As a woman whether you are a bag lover or just a person who gets bags to meet your daily needs, you have to be honest with yourself and admit that you need more than one bag. A woman’s demand for bags is dictated by how much the woman loves collecting bags as well as the utility that comes with bags. At Diana Florian, we strive to meet you bag needs depending on the occasion; we commit to providing the day to day bag that you take to work, the bag that comes in handy when you are up and about visiting friends and families, your travel companion bag among many other occasions. To the women, no matter the occasion, we got you covered with our variety of bags as follows:

    1. The Everyday Bag
    This bag is made to enable you to carry on with your daily routine as seamlessly as possible and being fashionable, simple and stylistic while you are at it. An individual is expected to, first of all, come up with a list of all the items that she carries for the day before purchasing this bag. An individual who carries more items is expected to buy a relatively large bag while the individual who is a light carrier is expected just to get a small bag that is sufficient to carry the few items she needs for the day.

    2. The Day Clutch
    Some styles of day clutch may have a small strap or a wristlet while a majority of them do not have straps. It all depends on your preference. Clutches also come in different sizes, it might be pint size and formal and best for an evening accompaniment to a cocktail or dinner, or it can be large and ready to accommodate a phone, wallet, a kindle a slim pair of flat shoes.

    3. The Weekender
    There are days when you might need a slight oversize bag to carry all stuff you want with you. This bag is roomy enough to house your laptop, extra change of clothes, your sneakers, or anything else. This is an investment every lady out there should make – it is a smart way to go on a quick last minute trip!

    4. Cross body Bag
    These bags are just the perfect size. Cross body bags are good for almost all the occasions. It makes you not worry about being underdressed or overdressed with it. It is essential for weekends and off-duty events; it’s a treat to put aside the work bag in favor of something lighter. This cross-body style is perfect, and whether worn across the trunk or over the shoulder, it leaves hands blissfully free for.

    5. The Tote
    Totes are always comfortable to carry around. They are quite versatile since you can use tote both for casual and semi-formal occasions as the smartest carry-on. The tote bags have more ‘carry’ space and as such enables an individual to comfortably carry all she will need for the day.

    6. The after-house Clutch companion
    This bag enables a woman to avoid the hustle of carrying a huge bag when she is out for an evening to get away. This bag enables a woman to carry the most basic items she will need for her evening get away while adding style to her after-hours look.